3 Video Content Marketing Examples

Hi everyone. Welcome to this two-minute Tuesday on Video Content Marketing Ideas

First, content marketing aims to create and offer valuable content customised for your audience. It should attract, engage and convert your visitors – essentially carrying them down the marketing funnel.


1. Brand Films

Brand films aim to acquaint your audience with your values, visions and ultimately, the core of your brand. You can get your brand across using visuals, sounds and storytelling in a way impossible through any other medium.


2. Educational Videos

We all love learning new things. If brands find a way to make learning faster, quicker and fun, all the better!

At the top of the funnel, a lot of your target audience is searching for new info – that’s where educational videos come in. Educational videos offer real value to your audience that they can apply to their everyday lives.

At this stage, begin nurturing the leads you obtained from your earlier top-funnel content efforts. You already have their attention, now get them to know, like and consider you.


3. Product Videos

Product videos are a staple in the world of corporate video because they’re effective.

Nothing helps more than showing how your product or service works in practice to convince your viewers of its benefits.


4. Company Culture Videos

Show the human side of your company, connect on an emotional level with your viewers and let the personality of your company employees shine through a culture video.

You can include slice-of-life employee interviews, team-building days, pranks, birthday parties, bloopers, and everything in between.

At this stage, your potential customers are on the verge of making a purchase and wish to decide between the options – with a slight push; you can effectively convert them.


5. FAQ Videos

At this point, your leads are generally looking for answers to any remaining questions they may have. You need to allay their fears and calm any last quibbles before purchase.

So, does your team have a plan to use video marketing strategies to boost brand awareness and sales?

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