Sureheat Solutions

Sureheat Solutions is a small plumbing and heating engineering firm.  Sureheat Solutions contracted 33DEGREES to provide branding, livery and IT services.

Services: Branding, Livery Design, Logo Design, Email Setup, Flyer & Advertisement Design

The Problem

Sureheat Solutions approached 33DEGREES at the start of their journey towards becoming a recognised & reputable name for heating and plumbing services. Not having any previous experience with branding and advertising, 33DEGREES was employed to start everything from fresh to provide the fledgling company with a look which could compete with industry-leading competitors.

The Process

The team from Sureheat Solutions provided 33DEGREES with a lot of creative freedom to develop branding and advertising design concepts. The first step was discussions with Sureheat Solutions to understand what they considered good looked like. We helped them to understand the approach their competitors were taking so that they could better communicate their expectations for the project.

Once these initial conversations had taken place, the next step was creating a simple logo. Keen to ensure that it wasn’t overly complex and conveyed the desired look and feel Sureheat Solutions wanted, a friendly font was matched against a bold logo.

Using the same design and colour concepts, flyers and livery designs for their vans were also produced, aligning with the branding guidelines developed by 33DEGREES.

The Solution

The final deliverables are clean and convey the professionalism which Sureheat Solutions were striving for. The joined-up approach to branding means that Sureheat Solutions has been able to step boldly into a competitive market with confidence.

Logo Design Breakdown

Logo Variations

Flyer Mockup

45 Degree Livery Mockup

Side-view Livery Mockup

Rear-view Livery Mockup

The Result

In summary, the project was a success on the basis that:

  • The digital assets were delivered within 2-weeks, exceeding the requirements of Sureheat Solutions.
  • Sureheat Solutions has been overwhelmed with work since their launch, which they attribute to the branding and advertisement delivered by 33DEGREES.
* Project delivered Feb 22 – further feedback on the project results will be provided in due course.

Complete list of services: branding, livery design, logo design, email setup, flyer & advertisement design, flyer printing