Equipment Yard Aerial Plan

G Stow Plc

With over 100 years of borehole drilling and maintenance in the engineering industry, G STOW is an established market leader in the UK and Europe. G STOW PLC contracted 33DEGREES to produce health and safety infographic assets.

Services: Aerial Photography, Graphic Design

The Problem

G STOW PLC got in touch with 33DEGREES to help better understand ways to optimise their equipment yard. Having recently joined the SSI Group, the company was keen to become leaner and optimise their space to save money and make better use of the area they had available to them.

The Process

During the initial discussion between G STOW PLC and 33DEGREES, it was clear that an asset that could be used to track, understand, coordinate and communicate the layout and contents of the equipment yard was important. Whilst a ground-level view of the yard could allow a basic understanding of the contents, it could not facilitate proper space utilisation.

As such, 33DEGREES recommended that aerial photography be used to provide a birds-eye view of the equipment yard. A visit was subsequently arranged, and photos were captured, which were then stitched together; using this approach, the drone only needed to fly at a low altitude, therefore not interfering with local businesses or people.

A subsequent visit was then planned around a month later to capture the same collection of photos, allowing for progress to be tracked and plans to be amended.

The Solution

The final deliverable was centred around high-quality aerial photos (~10,000px by ~9,000px), which were printed to A0 size.

Several secondary assets, such as a grid overlay pictured below, assisted with planning.

Equipment Yard Before/After Comparison

Equipment Yard Grid-Layout Plan

G STOW PLC Site Hero Shot

The Result

In summary, the project was a success on the basis that:

  • G STOW PLC was able to significantly optimise their equipment yard over the period of 1-month, freeing up an additional 20% capacity.
  • Secondary assets, such as Hero-Shots and Grid-Layout Plans, were produced, which could be utilised for planning, advertising and marketing purposes.
* Project delivered Jan 22 – further feedback on the project results will be provided in due course.

Complete list of services: aerial photography, graphic design, photo-editing