Video Content Marketing Ideas

Here are three great examples of video content marketing ideas you could use to help project your value as a technical person and organisation.

First is Intel’s Meet the Makers – a series of short filmesque reels, which provokes emotion and makes the company feel more relatable.

Second is’s “What Most Schools Don’t Teach” – an interview-style video that inspires the audience to learn something new by hearing how code has helped tech industry leaders.

Finally, In a Nutshell’s “Quantum Computers Explained” uses infographics to help explain complex ideas in a digestible bitesize video.

Check out other great examples we’ve left in the description below!


“Meet the Makers” – Intel (

“What Most Schools Don’t Teach” – (

“Quantum Computers Explained” – In A Nutshell (

“Inspiring the Next Generation of Engineers” – TEDxPSU (

“Royal Navy Engineers: ‘Circles'” – Royal Navy (

“Boeing Develops The Lightest Metal Ever With Latticework for Future Aircraft” – Boeing (

“What is Cloud Computing?” – Amazon Web Services (

“Siemens 3WL air circuit breakers” – Siemens (

“5G Explained!” – MKBHD (